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Web solutions and Digital Marketing


App Development ( Android, IOS & Web App)


Networking ( Intercom installation, Wired and Wireless, for Homes & Offices)


ISP ( Unlimited High Speed Internet, fibre or radio)


Alternate power supply ( Inverter and Solar panel installation)


Security ( CCTV installation with mobile/laptop view)


Automobile (Quality cars importation from the United States)


Our Services

We offer the following services

Website Design

We design websites at affordable prices to manage your business presence online. Let us know about your business and it will be up and ready

Mobile and Web Development

We develop both mobile and web-based software solutions to sectors such as education, medical, legal and finance, to automate their processes.

Networking and ISP

We provide a wide range of Wired and wireless network installation in home and office. We also provide unlimited high speed internet service with either fibre or radio at affordable prices

Alternate power supply

We install alternate power supply like inverter and solar panel for both housing and office environment


We also provide close circuit television installation that can be view from mobile and laptop devices


We import Quality cars from the United states and other countries

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